At Last

At last….we have a clean  house. I read this article and with my sister’s encouragement became inspired and encouraged that I could keep my house clean by doing a major once a month cleaning. As the article suggested, this cleaning day is just that –only cleaning. We didn’t do school (but certainly learned about working together and how to clean), or laundry (except the diapers that needed washing and rugs) and we ordered pizza for dinner! The pizza was a fun motivator all day🙂. I spent most of the morning in the kitchen getting caught up on months (or years?) of dirt in the oven (a friend told me kindly recently that my oven needed cleaning–thank you🙂 lol!), toaster oven, cupboard surfaces, etc.

We wiped down the white painted wood trim that little hands touch over and over again and even did some fall put away jobs (like taking the A/C units to the attic–about time if we will need to heat the house soon!). I’m encouraged that next month will be much easier as I’ll only have one month’s dirt to clean and some of those tidying projects won’t need to be done. Although, there may be other projects, of course.

I keep telling Susanna how wonderful it feels. I think it’s because whenever I looked at all the fingerprints on the walls and windows and dust bunnies in corners I felt hopeless. It felt like I  couldn’t do and it would never really be clean. I’ve overcome a LOT of perfectionism, so I don’t need an immaculate house nor do I want one because that would probably mean that would probably mean that there were no little ones here🙂. But having a plan has been liberating!

We’ve also scheduled other cleaning tasks like changing the sheets every other week, cleaning the van once per month, etc. Just knowing that there is a set time (or week) to do certain tasks relieves the pressure of each day thinking that I really should be doing that particular task TODAY and then ending the day not having done it.

I’m sure many of you have organizational methods; but if not, perhaps this can help you can find some relief in your home management routine.

Don’t get too impressed..this only lasted about 15 minutes. But I was still happy that they participated in cleaning day and I plan to slowly add to the chores they can do. The fingerprints on the wall came off easily, so this was a good job for them. We still had to touch up, but they did good for being 6 and 4.

I’m also grateful for the safe and effective Shaklee cleaning products that I can allow my children to use without fear of them harming themselves or others (should they choose to spray each other–but never in my house🙂 ). Look here for more info: It’s my home business which is  part of the reason that I can stay home with my little ones.

And a BIG thank you to Aunt Susanna for her hard work on cleaning day!

And finally on Multitude Monday (see side bar)

305 “Mommy” from her sweet lips

306 Creative play

309 Taking cookies to neighbor friend

310 Early morning trampoline jumping with boys

312 Early fall mornings

314 Choosing joy instead of tears

316 Plants brought inside for winter

317 Midday conversation with good friend

318 Doing school work in the sun on the porch

2 thoughts on “At Last

  1. Dear Andrea,

    Your comment in the post

    I’ve overcome a LOT of perfectionism, so I don’t need an immaculate house nor do I want one because that would probably mean that would probably mean that there were no little ones here

    made me think of the proverb that my husband expanded upon in his sermon on Sunday. I think you will like this. It is Proverbs 4:14

    Where there are no oxen, the manger is empty,
    but from the strength of an ox come abundant harvests.

    You can either have a clean stall or the abundance that comes from a messy stall full of life-giving energy!

    Yeah, oxen!

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